We are a Specialist High Net Worth Mortgage Broker

We are a privately owned and completely independent high net worth mortgage broker.

We specialise in arranging mortgage loans for individuals from both the UK and overseas, who are either purchasing or refinancing residential or commercial property.

We pride ourselves on working with every lender who lends against UK property – these range from the High Street Lenders, Specialist Banks and Private Banks, to Overseas Lenders and Independent Funds. Our reach is unparalleled – meaning that we are able to arrange the best lending terms for practically every set of circumstances.

We will find you the right mortgage with minimum fuss. We will be transparent on fees, honest with our advice and incredibly efficient.

We work out of our offices on the corner of Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, London. You are welcome to speak with us here, over the telephone or by email at a time to suit you.

The importance of receiving the correct advice in the current economic environment cannot be understated, especially for high net worth individuals. Here are some of the reasons:

The property market is at its most competitive since the pre-crash years. This means the pressure to look like a ‘good buyer’ and to act quickly are really important.

The whole industry is about to go through significant regulatory changes which will affect how products are recommended and arranged – there are some key changes for those defined as ‘high net worth’.

Affordability, interest-only, and ‘high-risk’ are scrutinised by lenders now more than ever. How your application is assessed can be very subjective – the presentation is in many cases as important as the facts.

The mainstream and accessible market is dominated by the ‘Big 5’ High Street banks. However, there are a growing number of new lenders, building societies, and offshore and international banks, which can offer better solutions especially for high net worth individuals. These are options you cannot be exposed to on comparison sites.

Best High Net Worth Mortgage Broker in London

We specialise in arranging large mortgages for high net worth individuals in both residential and commercial property in the UK.

Our clients are based all over the world and are from all walks of professional life.

If you are looking for the cheapest terms available – we can help. If your requirement is very complex and you can’t find a lender – we can help. If you want a complete service, flexible to your requirements – we can help.

Our lenders range from those you find on the high street and challenger banks, to major global investment banks from the Channel Islands,  Europe or the US, and even banks from the Middle and Far East and Africa.

The fact that we have access to every lender who lends against UK property means we can source the cheapest possible interest rate or solution, to the most complex structure and requirements. Every week we’re placing mortgages ranging from £500,000 up to millions of pounds. These larger sums can deliver considerably better value when lenders can see they’re working with proven people with strong financial profiles.

Why Choose Us To Help You?

If you are looking for a mortgage broker in London you should choose us. Our brokers are dedicated to ensuring that they are at the forefront of the market and this means they understand all of the challenges and opportunities these changes present. They also value the importance of transparency, accuracy and the timely delivery of mortgage solutions. We have a back book of thousands of satisfied clients.

Enness is built upon accommodating the needs of our clients. We will work when you need us to, in line with your schedule. This includes everything from an initial ‘in principle’ conversation at the very start of your planning, right through to calls late on a Sunday evening to ensure your transaction completes in time. We go the extra mile in order to make things happen.

We will seek to understand your circumstances as quickly and as thoroughly as possible – this will allow us to swiftly establish the root of your requirements. This step will ensure the advice and products which follow will be as accurately directed towards your needs as they can be.

We will not ‘sell’ you a product – we will show you the best products or structures available. Then we will explain why they are the most appropriate to you and clearly demonstrate the fees, interest charges and costs surrounding this option.

Price is important and our first job will be to arrange the most cost effective solution. That said, we will also show you alternate ways to structure your loan. Proposing other ideas can at times provide other benefits which outweigh any cost saving.

We will be accurate. We will be transparent. We will work to your schedule.

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